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Say Goodbye to Restrictions and

Hello to Balanced Blood Sugar!

Reversing your insulin resistance or prediabetes doesn’t have to be a struggle. You don’t need restrictive diets or pricey supplements. Discover the power of small, simple changes in how you eat, move, rest, and play. Let The Prediabetes Dietitian be your guide!

You’ve probably heard them all:

  • “Lose 20 lbs!”
  • “Cut out all carbs!”
  • “Try these supplements!”
  • “What about intermittent fasting?”
  • “Don’t worry. It’s not diabetes!”

Find Your Path to Better Blood Sugar

Social media bombards us with the latest diets and ‘health’ food trends, making it hard to know what to trust. It’s no wonder so many people turn to supplements or fad diets that promise quick results.

All you want is to lower your A1c. So you followed the influencers’ advice. But restrictive solutions like eliminating all carbs didn’t work. Maybe they made you miserable with cravings, or feeling ashamed at ‘failing’.

You didn’t fail — the ‘all or nothing’ approach failed you. No wonder you are overwhelmed and exhausted.

There is a better way to reverse your insulin resistance.

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Understanding Prediabetes

Around half of US adults have high blood sugar. If you have recently been told you have prediabetes, you are not alone. Learn more about this condition and how you can reverse it.

Meet Vanessa

  • PhD in Nutritional Sciences
  • Registered Dietitian Nutritionist
  • Certified Diabetes Care and Education Specialist
  • Diabetes Prevention Program Director and Master Trainer
  • Mother of twins 🙂
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